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MTO SUPER SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: You Are Not Gonna BELIEVE Who Blac Chyna Is Dating Now . . . The Kardashians Are Gonna GO CRAZY!!! (We Got The TEA . . . Plus RECEIPTS)

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    Original: just got EXCLUSIVE news - that is going to SHOCK the Kardashian world.

According to multiple sources close to the situation - Blac Chyna is now dating . . . Khloe Kardashian's EX-HUSBAND Lamar.

Here's what our snitch is saying: "Lamar always had a crush on Chyna, but Chyna never acted on it. They've been bonding over all the f*ck sh*t the Kardashians have done to them. Now they're dating."

And it gets better. We're told that Lamar and Chyna plan on TEAMING UP - and bring the entire Kardashian EMPIRE DOWN.

This sounds exciting . . . for everyone except Lamar's girlfriend Maddie. She's on Snapchat BLASTING Chyna.

Here's Maddy with Lamar:

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And here's Maddy talking ISH about Chyna:

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