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MTO SUPER-EXCLUSIVE: You Won’t Believe . . Which Rapper . . . Amber Rose Is Dating NOW!!!


MTO News just got a blockbuster report – Amber Rose has a new BF. And it’s not 21 Savage.
As reported, 21 and Amber decided to call it quits – after Amber caught him with a THOT.

But that’s not the ONLY reason that Amber DROPPED her younger BF. MTO News learned that Amber is getting BACK TOGETHER with her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

The insider told MTO News: “They always have loved each other – and they are a perfect match. Like soulmates.”

Wiz broke up with his longtime GF two weeks ago – a few days after Amber and Wiz were spotted together at their son’s BIRTHDAY party. They dressed as lovers Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Are we surprised?

Back in January, Wiz Khalifa visited the Big Boy radio show and spit a hot freestyle where he mentioned his relationship with Amber Rose:

“I don’t want no drama, why you gotta bring up my baby mama/ She’s bald head, she got my kid/We was married, yes we did/I still love her, she loves me too/You think I’ma talk bad about her you through.”

Let’s be real. Amber’s relationship with 21 Savage had many of us scratching our heads. Wiz and Amber is a way cuter couple and makes more sense. We hope they stay together.