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MTO SHOKER: Rapper Lil Pump FALSELY Accuses Three Black Men . . . Of A Home Invasion . . . To Save Himself From JAIL TIME!! (Wow . . . CRAZY)

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Teenage rapper Lil Pump just made a CRUCIAL ERROR – that could have cost innocent Black men their freedom.
Yesterday, the rapper was caught shooting GUNS at his home. When the rapper was confronted by police – however – he started SNITCHING!!

Here’s how The Blast is reporting it:

Law enforcement sources tell The Blast they responded to Pump’s home Wednesday at 4:20 PM with full “lights and siren,” including a helicopter after it was reported that a burglary was in progress. When they showed up, there was no burglary going on, but they did find Pump smoking weed inside the residence.

Cops say Pump told them “three Black men” tried to force their way into his 3rd-floor apartment, but cops quickly determined his story was “made up.” They analyzed the gunshot through the door and realized the shot had come from the inside, not the outside as Pump had claimed. Pump had claimed the “three black men” fired a shot through his door from the outside.

Detectives obtained a search warrant and returned to seize marijuana and evidence of a firearm. We’re told they recovered a .380- Glock handgun in the bushes below the balcony of Pump’s apartment.

He wouldn't be the first person to blame a crime on a Black person, but we wouldn't expect it from a street rapper such as himself. They should give him time just for trying the horrendous lie he told. Why they gotta be Black though?

Shame on you, Lil Pump!