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MTO EXCLUSIVE: There's A New $200 'RELATIONSHIP' Course . . . That Claims It Can Teach ANY Black Women . . . To GET A WHITE MAN'!!!

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A self-proclaimed Interracial dating expert named Christelyn Karazin is offering a $200 course for Black women, called the Pink Pill. The course has nothing to do with Nicki Minaj. Pink is a reference to femininity.

Christelyn claims that class will teach Black women to let the Black community go . . . and be more feminine so they can attract men of all races.

The description of the course says:
Everything your mother didn't have time to tell you because she was too busy struggling. Everything your community wishes you would never find out. Everything women of other races know but delight in the security that YOU don't. Everything you should have been told but higher classes of people were too polite to tell you.

Here is the class curriculum that is posted beneath the description:

  • Why do we need the Pink Pill?
  • Cultural barriers that keep us losing
  • Winners have a strategy. Study your opponent.
  • Dealing with conflict: The Long game
  • What does it mean to be classy?
  • Class: compare and contrast case study
  • From fat to fit: you MUST develop a new mindset
  • Femininity rituals: Prepare to be fabulous
  • Where to attract higher caliber men
  • Conversation: how to work a room
  • Social media is your reflection: clean it up
  • Black girl traveling: Using travel to upgrade yourself
  • Building a legacy for your children
  • Love after mid 40
  • The 30-day mental detox and workbook

What do you think? Would you ever consider taking such a course or is this course just down right offensive?