MTO SHOCKER: You'll NEVER GUESS Who Atlanta Housewife Cynthia Is F**KING Now!!

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Cynthia Bailey from the Atlanta Housewives has a new man in her life. Nothing serious, just a lot of s*x.

According to our snitches - 51 year old Cynthia is now dating 37 year old NICK CANNON. The two met on the set of an upcoming photoshoot - that was HOT AND HEAVY.

One snitch told MTO News, "Nick likes older women, so he hooked up with Cynthia." And the insider added, "Right now it's just a lot of fun, but I could see it becoming something more."

And we don't have to IMAGINE what these two beautiful people would look like if they hooked up - we have PICS FROM THE SEXY PHOTOSHOOT.

Here are the images


As you know Cynthia was linked to Will Jones, a light-skinned guy all season on Housewives. But she was never ready and willing to claim him. It seems that just as he was messing around with other women Cynthia was doing her OWN thing as well. 

Despite not being married anymore, Nick still has love for the mother of his children Mariah Carey. He told People Magazine recently, "I’m in awe of her strength,” said the 37-year-old. “Every family has to deal with something, but through love and understanding is how anyone gets through any adversity. And that’s what we’ve always been about.” Mariah and Nick have two kids together Monroe and Morocco a set of twins.