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MTO SHOCKER: The Woman That People Were Calling Rapper's T.I.'s SIDE CHICK . . . Allegedly Is PREGNANT!!!

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A couple of months ago, rumors were ABOUND ON THE INTERNET - claiming that video model Ana Montana and T.I. were having a relationship. Neither Ana nor T.I. commented on the rumors.

Well now another rumor is going around, saying that Ana is PREGNANT. Here is what's going around the rumor mill:

[Ana Montana] is reportedly pregnant and it has been four months. Her personal trainer Trish Ignacio continued her extreme workouts until she got to know about the pregnancy of Ana. While we have already heard a lot about T.I.'s colorful life, this is new to add to the pile.

She said, "The extreme workouts will not be good for the baby. I hate to do this but I will have to do this for the baby's health."

We hope this is just some unsubstantiated rumors, cause we'd hate to believe that T.I. brought this F*CKERY into Tiny's life.

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