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MTO SHOCKER: Woman Claims Stevie J GOT HER PREGNANT . . . ‘He PIMPED Me’ . . . Then ‘TOOK MY MONEY’!!! (PICS Of The Girl)


There’s a woman online claiming that she’s carrying Stevie J’s baby.
The woman – who goes by the name mizjelly – is claiming that she plans on taking Stevie to paternity court.

We’re pretty sure that Stevie J would have requested a DNA test anyway. Remember how he did Joseline? He was absent for the majority of her pregnancy and only committed himself to baby Bonnie Bella once he got the results back.

During her pregnancy, Stevie was trying to pin the pregnancy on Young Dro, but Dro was having none of it, claiming that he never touched Joseline.

But this new baby could lead to a whole new set of troubles for Stevie J.

Just this week, TMZ reported that the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star will have to turn himself into authorities on April 10th for failure to pay child support. Apparently, he owes more than in back child support.

If he’s thrown in jail, we’re not sure how he’s going to be able to make payments. But the last thing he needs is to be owing even more child support – and MizJelly seems to be coming for his pockets! 2018 is going to be another tough year for the Bad Boy producer.

She also has a LOT to say about Stevie’s ANTICS…