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MTO SHOCKER: Website Is Claiming That KeKe Palmer . . . May Have An ALCOHOL PROBLEM!! (Is She A DRUNK???)

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The website Crazy Days And Nights has been on a tear recently - breaking TONS of exclusive stories.

Well yesterday they published an article suggesting that KeKe Palmer may be an alcoholic. We definitely can't co-sign their accuracy on this.

But it would explain how WEIRD she behaves.

Here's what they wrote:

This B-list mostly television actress is making the switch to low-budget movies after her network television career hit a wall of cancellation. At a recent visit to do something nice for kids, the actress was assigned multiple people to attend to her. They weren't there to protect her, but to make sure nothing bad happened at the very public event because she was incredibly wasted for 10 a.m.

KeKe Palmer