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MTO SHOCKER: Two-Year-Old Baby Wynter Found 'FROZEN SOLID' . . . She Was Left OUTSIDE . . . In 20 DEGREE WEATHER!!

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Two-year-old Wynter Parker died in Akron, Ohio this weekend – she was found FROZEN SOLID by her mother, on their front porch.

Police believe that innocent Wynter wandered out of her home when her father fell asleep. Wynter’s father worked NIGHTS and had fallen asleep when her mom went to work.

The girl was not dressed for winter. She did not have on a coat or a warm hat or gloves and would have succumbed to the fressing temperatures fairly quickly. She suffered severe hypothermia.

Wynter Parker’s mother made a desperate call to Ohio police on Friday afternoon telling them that her child had been found frozen on the porch.

While on the phone, the dispatch caller talked the hysterical mother through CPR until the paramedics arrived but sadly, it was too late.

Local reports say that Wynter was “frozen solid.” She was pronounced dead at Akron Children’s Hospital.

The autopsy results are pending, and the authorities are still investigating the 2-year-old's death. No charges have yet been filed.

"Obviously, this is still under investigation to see if there is any wrongdoing on behalf of the parents [...] We need to follow up with neighbors, we need to look at past history. We need to look at the parents to see what their participation or nonparticipation was. We are awaiting results from the medical examiner's office. So there is a lot to tidy up, in this case, to find out what actually happened," Lt. Rick Edwards told Fox 8 Cleveland.

Our prayers go out to the Parker family.