MTO SHOCKER: So It Turns Out That Rapper Fabolous. . . is ALLEGEDLY Cheating On His Girlfriend EMILY Again . . . And Guess Which REALITY STAR . . . Is His SIDE CHICK This Time!!!


Rapper Fabolous and his longtime GF Emily have been together since FOREVER. And rapper Fabolous has been CHEATING on Emily for just as long. Now it appears that he has a new side piece.

Fabolous was in ATLANTA this weekend, at a WHITE PARTY at the popular GOLD ROOM. And Fab wasn't there alone.

According to the streets, rapper Fabolous was at the party with reality star India Westbrooks. People at the event claim that Fab and India are dating.

India is best known for dating rapper THE GAME, and for starring in her own BET reality series.

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