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MTO SHOCKER: Steph Curry Is BUSTED . . . Flirting With The Same Girl . . . 27 WEEKS AGO!! (Steph's Got A HISTORY . . . With That 'MODEL')


NBA star STEPH CURRY had the internet BUZZING last week, when he was spotted MAKING GOOGLY EYES with a very pretty model sitting courtside. Most were convinced that the NBA MVP was flirting with the young lady.

Despite the evidence, many of Steph's supporters claimed that it was all just a COINCIDENCE, and that Steph doesn't even KNOW the girl. Well now the lie detector determined -- THAT WAS A LIE. obtained a video - taken 27 weeks ago, which shows Steph waving to the same girl and her friend - in the audience. Later, on another video, it shows Steph walking over to the girls after the game, and shaking one of their hands.

Now obviously this is not enough evidence to suggest that the woman - Instagram model Roni Rose - is Steph Curry's side piece. But it does suggest that the two have MORE of a relationship than many people thought.

Sounds to us like Steph and Ayesha got a LOT TO TALK ABOUT . . .

Here is another video, where Roni's GF shakes hands with Steph Curry. Roni is seen in the end of the video. Notice her HOOP earrings (as seen in the above pics)