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MTO SHOCK PICS: Rick Ross Got A LACE FRONT BEARD . . . We Got CLOSE UP Pics . . . Of His FAKE BEARD!!!

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Rick Ross showed an INTERESTING new look at yesterdays Grammys – a FAKE beard.

Rozay was clearly rockin' a lace front on his face. Look closely at the hair texture, and how CRISP the line is.

Which really begs the question - are lace front beards EVER okay? Admittedly, they're a step up from those horrific spray-on beards, but still - how hard can it be for Ross to just head to the barber and get a good shape up?

This cannot be good for his brand either. Last year, Ross unveiled his own RICH Hair Care brand in partnership with beauty chain, Sally Beauty.

On the official RICH Hair Care website, men can cop everything from conditioners and shampoos to hair elixirs, texture sprays and holding gels - products that aren't needed if you're wearing a FAKE beard!

Last night, Ross rocked the lace front to the Grammy awards, where he had some nice words to say about Cardi B and her meteoric rise:

“Because we all know getting in this game, getting in the culture is a lot of work, it’s a lot of time... But I think Cardi B coming off, it’s like jumping off the porch moving at the pace she did, she really inspired — had to be — millions of little girls around the world. We can make this happen, and it’s not out of reach. … That’s what I think she did.”

We wonder if everybody else in attendance noticed the "Idols Become Rivals" stars new addition?

Are y'all feelin' the lace front?