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MTO SHOCKER: The Real Producers Claim That Tamar Was NEVER FIRED . . . They Say That Vince . . . QUIT THE SHOW FOR HER!!!


The whole Tamar getting FIRED from the Real story is getting real interesting now. At first, the network seemed like they did NOT want to explain why Tamar was let go. Well now they just dropped a bombshell.

According to producers, Vince is the reason Tamar doesn't have a job.Producers told the Daily Mail that Vince actually QUIT THE SHOW on Tamar's behalf. This is what they're saying:

Daily Mail Online has learned that Warner Bros initially decided to ditch Vince as an executive producer on the series and wanted to have a 'come to Jesus meeting' with Tamar one last time to help her keep her job.

'They had completed a photo shoot for Season three,' the source said.

The source added: 'Their intention was not to fire her, but because Vince was dropped as a producer he wouldn't allow the executives to speak to his wife directly and that's what pushed the network to not pick up her option either and can her from the show.'

If this is true, Tamar needs to FIRE HER HUSBAND. . .