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MTO SHOCKER: R&B Singer NEYO's Wife Put Their Son On BLAST . . . Because The Boy . . . . Wasn't 'BLESSED' With Good Hair!! (Wow . . . She Said THAT??)

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NeYo’s wife is getting BLASTED on social media – for making comments about her son’s hair that many felt were INAPPROPRIATE.
Crystal posted the following on social media. And as you can imagine – all HELL broke loose in her comments.

In the post (now deleted) she states that her son wasn't blessed with his mommy's "Hawaiian silky" and asks her followers if they can recommend any hair products to use in his hair.

Crystal is used to taking public lashings. Her appearance on E!'s reality television show, The Platinum Life did little to win her any fans. She got into a confrontation with Asiah Collins (the wife of Kid Ink) and was later forced to apologize for her aggressive behavior.

Speaking to ESSENCE last year, she addressed people's perceptions of her, saying:

"The biggest misconception about me is that I'm mean," Smith told ESSENCE. "Sometimes I can be very direct, and people can misunderstand that especially when women tend to be direct. The truth is I am very kind to the people around me, and I like to have fun and be there for my friends and family and make sure they are having a fun time when they are with me as well."

Well, we hate to break it to you Crystal, but this Instagram caption was kinda mean. We didn't even think having "good hair" was still a thing. Of course, her followers got her together real fast, and we doubt that she will be posting anything negative about her son's hair in the future.