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MTO SHOCKER: R&B Singer K. Michelle OPENS UP . . . Claims She And Her New Fiance . . . Are 'SWINGERS'!!!

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K. Michelle went on Essence Live - and dropped a BOMB on her fans. According to K. Michelle, she and her fiance Dr. Kastan Sims have a "different" relationship. And to the layperson . . . it sounds like they may be "swingers."

K Michelle told Essence that she and Dr. Sims look for side chicks together in a number of places, including the strip club for some (ahem) oral exams...

“I’m fun,” said K who added that she previously danced to support herself while sending out demos. “Yeah we were at the strip club and I was like, ‘Oh do you like her?’ Sometimes I’m okay with contracting out the work [that ’s] less work for me to do.”

When asked if she’s really down for her man to have a side chick, she responded that she and Dr. Sims sometimes compete to get numbers from different women.

“Yeah, we flirt,” said K. We’ll compete to see who can get the most numbers. We’ve always said this, we define the terms of our relationship. Not society’s norms, me and him decide. We value having friendship, honesty, that’s what we value.”

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