MTO SHOCKER: Rapper XXXTentacion Goes FULL SATANIC . . . He SHAVES Eyebrows . . . DYES HAIR WHITE . . . And TATTOOS HIS EYEBALLS!!! (Now He's a 'DEMON')


XXXTentacion has been telling folks for years that he WORSHIPS SATAN. Well now he's starting to take steps to LOOK THE PART.

Dude looks like a MONSTER:

Here's what else he said about his "new" look: “Isn’t clear that I don’t give a f***. If you feel as if your physical identity has to be the same as everyone else just be socially acceptable then your stupid. Be yourself.”

XXXTentacion also released a controversial music video for his breakout hit single “Look At Me” where he hung a little boy in front of another. DISTURBING.