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MTO SHOCK REPORT: Rapper T.I. Allegedly Has Two Women PREGNANT . . . And They're BOTH DUE . . . This SPRING!!! (Wow . . . No Wonder Tiny FILED Divorce)

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Tiny Harris filed DIVORCE PAPERWORK against longtime husband T.I. a few weeks ago. While the couple is trying to work things out, it's tough.

A new report shows EXACTLY why it's so hard to put their marriage back together. The website Crazy Days & Nights says that T.I. has not ONE . . . but TWO babies due this Spring.

Wow. Here is their report:

Blind Items Revealed

December 28, 2016

It turns out there is not just one woman this rapper/reality star got pregnant while married, but two. Both are due to give birth this upcoming year. It makes sense why the rapper’s celebrity/reality star wife would file for divorce.