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MTO SHOCKER: Rapper Is SHOT In Drive By . . . Livestreams It . . . To THOUSANDS Of His FANS!!


Pompano Beach, Florida rapper Koly P is lucky to be alive. Some of his enemies caught HIM LACKING last night – and he was SHOT in a drive-by.

Koly P hit the blogs earlier this year Kodak Black released his track “When We Ride On Our Enemies” taking shots at him.

“She told me niggas sneak dissin’ and you better pray/Came from the bottom, swore to God and I would never stay/Just bought an AR motherf*cker and another K/I hope it ain’t no beef ’cause beef is a contact sport/I got blood in my eye like some contacts, boy/Damn, my nigga, I hope you blame it on the jigga/Right now the hood ain’t even f*ckin’ with ya.”

Koly P returned int favor in one of his tracks – the beef apparently started when Kodak Black called himself the face of Florida.

We have no idea whether this shooting is linked to the XXL rapper but fans are speculating.

In the video, Koly P can be seen showing his bloody hand – after being shot at the store. Rather than head to the hospital, he decided to hop on social media.

And nowadays – when something happens – you JUMP ON LIVESTREAM.

If you’re squeamish, look away now. Here’s the video.