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MTO SHOCKER: Rapper Lil Uzi Caught . . . With 15 Year Old . . . TWERKING IN HIS BUNGALO!!! (Lil Uzi In Trouble??)


Rapper Lil Uzi is coming under some REAL FIRE. According to reports – he had a 15-year-old girl TWERKING in is CABAN – at a Miami party yesterday.

Here’s what MTO NEWS told, “Those girls are ALL underage – they go to High School here in Miami. One of them is only 15 (a Sophomore), the rest are seniors.”

It’s not clear that the girls did ANYTHING OTHER THAN DANCE in Uzi’s cabana – but that WASN’T SMART for any of the parties involved.

And it’s been a bad week for Uzi Vert. TMZ has just reported that he has been added to the Rick Ross lawsuit.

“A Pennsylvania entertainment company just added Uzi as a defendant in the suit it filed against Rick. According to docs, both rappers were supposed to perform on June 10, 2017 at the minor league ballpark in PA. The company says it forked over about $200k to lock it down.”

They were both set to appear and canceled just two days before the show. They are both being sued for200k deposit money (which the company should really get back) plus other reimbursements for canceling so last minute.

Take a look at the video below. It’s not clear whether Uzi Vert knew how young the girls were – but they were definitely too young. And they are all in skimpy swimsuits. Where are their parents?