MTO SHOCKER: Popular YouTuber Livestreams Himself Getting BIT BY A POISONOUS SNAKE . . . And He Dies LIVE ON THE AIR!!!


Arslan Valeev, a 31-year-old Youˇube star from St. Petersburg, Russia, has committed a strange suicide in front of his hundreds of thousands of subscribers. A former zoo employee, Arslan Valeev was a snake expert and often featured exotic animals in his videos.

He used to run the channel with his wife Ekaterina Pyatyzhkina, but their marriage fell apart after Katya allegedly cheated on him. Heartbroken, Arslan Valeev let his pet black mamba bite him in an apparent suicide attempt over the failed marriage.

He says in the video that he still loves Katya and is devastated that she was actively cheating while being married to him.

Here is the video