MTO SHOCKER: Popular NEW YORK Rapper 6ix9ine Just Plead Guilty . . . To FELONY CHILD P*RN Charges . . . And We've Got The DETAILS!!!


Rapper 6ix9ine is one of the HOTTEST new hip hop artists in the world - his song GUMMO is buzzing all over the world.

But according to a report by Genius, the man behind the hit single “Gummo” has officially plead guilty to three felony counts of s*xual misconduct with a child. Here’s what Genius reported:

Genius has obtained documents that confirm the Daniel Hernandez pled guilty to three felony counts of Use of a Child in a sexual Performance is 6ix9ine. He was 18 years old on the date of the crime, while the victim was a minor of an unconfirmed age. Genius has updated the article below to reflect this information. Genius reached out to 6ix9ine’s team, who declined to comment on the story.

Under New York law "Use Of A Child In a Sexual Performance" means the following:

A person is guilty of the use of a child in a sexual performance if knowing the character and content thereof he employs, authorizes or induces a child less than seventeen years of age to engage in a sexual
or being a parent, legal guardian or custodian of such child, he consents to the participation by such child in a sexual performance.