MTO SHOCKER: Popular Gospel Singer SNAPS . . . She AIRS OUT Her CHEATING Husband . . . On Social Media!!! (Was All This . . . NECESSARY??)


Gospel artist and popular Christian minister Edletha Lorraine Brailsford, who sings under the stage name Lisa McClendon, is causing QUITE THE STIR in Christian circles. You see Lisa, went on Twitter over the weekend, and aired out all her marital troubles.

First she started off on a rant about “pimp preachers” who take advantage of women on Twitter.

Then she stepped it up a notch on Periscope. There she told followers that her husband, who is the founding Pastor of ‘The Life Center, Inc’ in Charlotte, NC. In this video she says;
“I’m about to expose Madman Maurice, my husband. I don’t use social media to put my business out like that unless it’s to help somebody – so i’m helping somebody.”

She goes on to say:
“This man is pursuing women who he thinks are weak and using them. this man has been nasty to me for the last several years and everybody always says “Lisa McClendon – she’s so hard”, because y’all don’t know what the heck I deal with behind closed doors.”