MTO SHOCKER: Popular Atlanta Rapper Is MISSING . . . And Police Are Worried . . . That He May Have Been KIDNAPPED AND MURDERED!!


The Montgomery Police Department is asking the public for help in finding two men reported missing last Tuesday.

Investigators say Kendrick Stokes, 30, of Montgomery, Georgia, and Edward Reeves (Bambino Gold), 29, of Atlanta, were reported missing from Montgomery.

The two were last seen a week ago in Montgomery.

The Atlanta-based rapper and his cousin, a promoter, left Montgomery to head back to Georgia and neither have been seen or heard from, since then.

Edward Reeves, also known as Bambino Gold, and Kendrick Stokes, also known as Skooly Kee Da Tooly, were formally reported missing on Tuesday. "They just vanished into thin air," said Stokes' mother, Felicia Stokes Webster. "It's very devastating."

The two young men are cousins by marriage and longtime friends. Both originally from Montgomery, Stokes was in his hometown on Saturday, Nov. 4, to promote a party at Sky Bar on Debby Drive. Reeves came to town on Sunday and shortly after 9 p.m. they left Stokes' house to attend the Alabama National Fair. "A lot of people saw them there," Webster said.