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MTO SHOCKER: Pop Star Shawn Mendes Uses The 'N WORD' On Social Media . . . To Describe His 'BLACK' Friend!! (PICS And RECEIPTS)

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Pop singer Shawn Mendes has some explaining to do. Someone did a search of his OLD social media accounts, and he used the “n Word” to describe his Black friend.
So far Shawn’s camp has not responded to the discovery.

He wouldn't be the first non-Black artist to be outed for using the N-Word. A video of Justin Bieber telling an extremely racially insensitive joke went viral a few years back. Snippets from rapper Eminem's old days before he made it big raised eyebrows where he used the N-word several times.

In a now deleted Youtube clip, Machine Gun Kelly was filmed live on the red carpet speaking to Baller Alert. A Black woman was disgusted by the way he was speaking about women of color and walked up, but not before Kelly was seen calling her a "dirty n*gger b*tch."

"White Iverson" rapper Post Malone received some heat after using the N-bomb on Snapchat. Despite the media frenzy, all of these white artists still have careers, and people are still buying their music, so we're not sure how much this old post is going to hurt Mendes.

If pressured to, he'll probably release a half-assed apology, and the world will return to normal again.

Check out the post below. Did he cross the line or are folks reaching?