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MTO SHOCKER: Opponents Leak 'NUDE PICS' . . . Of Woman Running For PRESIDENT In Africa (Rwanda) . . . And She Looks GREAT!!! (You Thought OUR Election Was F*CKED UP)

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An international SCANDAL is breaking in the African nation of Rwanda. One of it's presidential candidates has just had alleged nekkid pics of her leaked online.

The images are purported to be of Rwandan presidential candidate Diane Shima Rwigara - and are making rounds around the world.

Diane, is a 35-year-old tough talking woman who announced her presidential ambitions jest last week - and now the photo bomb has fallen on her.

In the conservative Rwandan society, Diane is likely to get shunned by moralists, while the youth might warm up to her candidature but for only excitement.

However, analysts ask, “who will take seriously a woman who finds idle time to take nude photos?”

It's not clear yet what impact - if any - this leak will have on the election.

Here is the first alleged pic

Here is the second alleged pic