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MTO SHOCKER: Ohio Black Man Suspected Of KILLING Two White Police Officers . . . Possible Claim Of 'SELF DEFENSE' !!!

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Yesterday a man named Quentin Lamar Smith is suspected to have fatally shot two Ohio police officers – Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli. According to reports, the incident occurred around noon.
The officers were responding to a potential domestic situation at Quentin’s home, where he lived with wife Candace Smith.

Local reports say that authorities had been called to their residence several times since 2017. In a November 29, 2017, incident, Candace Smith asked about protection orders​ because she and Quentin Smith weren’t getting along.

In the November 2017 incident, Candace accused Quentin of threatening to kill her, their daughter and himself.

But the two appear to have reconciled – only for things to GO BAD yesterday.

Early reports say that police “entered” the couple’s home and then gunshots erupted. It’s not clear whether they had a warrant. Also, friends of Quentin are claiming on social media that he may have acted in “self-defense” against the officers.

Police Chief Joe Morbitzer sang the officer's praises in a press conference.

"Those officers gave their lives in the protection of others, those are true American heroes," he said.

The story trended most of the day on Twitter, many in shock over the alleged murder of the officers.

President Donald Trump tweeted his condolences yesterday:

"My thoughts and prayers are with the two police officers, their families, and everybody at the @WestervillePD."

Ohio senator, Sherrod Brown also expressed his condolences on Twitter yesterday, saying:

"Connie and I are heartbroken by this loss. We are thinking of the officers' families, their fellow officers and everyone involved, and we are grateful to all law enforcement who put themselves in harm's way to keep us safe. -SB"

The investigation continues.