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MTO SHOCKER: One Of Your Favorite Rappers Had A VASECTOMY . . . He's NOT HAVING ANY KIDS!!! (We're About To DASH . . . A Bunch Of Heaux CHILD SUPPORT DREAMS)


Insta thots looking for a come up . . . are going to have to look elsewhere. just got word that an EXTREMELY POPULAR rapper got himself SNIPPED - to avoid getting any of his INSTA-THOT bedmates pregnant.

Why? Well the ULTRA SUCCESSFUL rapper prefers having unprotected sex - even with THOTTIES he just met. But he didn't want to end up like Future or Fetty Wap with MULTIPLE BABYS MOTHERS.

So instead - the rapper got CUT.

We're told that he plans to have the procedure reversed, if he ever decided to get married. But until then, all these THOTS are catching KNUT with dreams of child support and free CANADIAN HEALTHCARE . . . just got their dreams DASHED.