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MTO SHOCKER: Nicki Minaj's EX-BOYFRIEND . . . Got Caught On Love And Hip Hop . . . With A TRANSGENDER!!! (Explosive Details)


Last night's LOVE & HIP HOP: Hollywood was explosive - and what they COULDN'T SHOW you, was the most interesting part.

Last night, Nikki confronted Safaree Samuels - with his alleged side chick. The VH1 producers blocked out the woman's face - but the woman was transgendered.

Here is the scene:

After the scene was over, Safaree went CRAZY. Here's what one of the show's producers told us:

The woman in the scene was transgender. We spoke to her dozens of times and vetted her story and it checked out. She knew Safaree, had text messages, and they seemed to have [been intimate]. We would never have put her on TV otherwise.

After that scene, Safaree went crazy on us. He threatened to quit the show if we didn't cut that scene out. He swore up and down that he didn't know the transgender, but he clearly did. We had to have a big negotiation with VH1, and Safaree's management. Eventually we decided that we would block out the woman's face, and not tell the audience [directly] that he was with a trans.

I'm not saying Safaree's gay. Maybe he got catfished or something. But it's hard to believe, because that lady had a man's face.

Holy crap . . . we knew something was up with all that baby oil and fur.