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MTO SHOCKER: NBA Star Marcus Smart Just Got PUT ON BLAST . . . INSTA-THOT Leaks Video Of Him SMOKING WEED . . . Because He CURVED HER!!

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Celtics star Marcus Smart was EXPOSED yesterday – by an Instagram THOT named LA DOLL. She put all his business out there.

In now deleted Instagram posts, the Instagram "model" posted a video of the professional athlete smoking weed. She also posted receipts of bills that he had paid for her, his phone number and texts he sent to her. As if that wasn't trifling enough, the Insta-thottie uploaded a video of one of Smart's other chicks trying to fight her and a sonogram picture - and she even threatened to post a video of the two of them doing the nasty.

Could this Insta-Thot be the reason that Marcus Smart did not play last night?

Wednesday night, Marcus missed a game because he "mysteriously lacerated his hand" in the hotel where he and the Boston Celtics were staying. The Celtics head coach, Brad Stevens is even clueless about how the injury occurred, telling the press that he thinks that the cut himself on a hotel glass.

It's all very murky. Could the real reason be that he was pulled from the game because of his former lover's allegations - which she backed up with proof? And with the sonogram pic, if she REALLY is pregnant with his child, why try and destroy his main income source? We guess she won't be needing any child support then?

Hopefully, Marcus is drinking PLENTY of golden seal – cause smoking in the NBA is AGAINST league rules.

Here's the girl - at Marcus' game in Los Angeles a few days ago:

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