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MTO SHOCKER: Man Confronts His BABYS MOTHER And CHILD With 'PROOF' . . . That He's Not The 2 Year Old's Father!! ('Ha Ha Lil N*GGA . . . You Ain't Got No DADDY')

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A disturbing video has just gone viral. In it, a man confronts his "babys mother" with what he claims is evidence that she's been lying to him about paternity of her two year old son - since the child was born.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous - but goes by the initials E.M., took a DNA test on the low - and when HE CLAIMS the test came up negative - he confronted his babys moms.

While we can understand the frustration of E.M. . . . he definitely took things too far.

For example, the child is TWO - so he can understand what's being said. And second - at one point he taunts the baby- telling the toddler, "You don't even got no daddy."