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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop Insider Claims JOSELINE'S BABYS Father . . . Is A 60-Year-Old 'JEWISH MAN'!!!

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    Original: just received a report that is gonna CAUSE EXPLOSIVES in the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop. According to a top MTO snitch, Joseline is IN FACT pregnant with a baby. But we're told that the baby is NOT Stevie J's like she claims, but rather SOMEONE ELSE.

Here is what an MTO snitch who WORKS WITH LOVE & HIP HOP told MTO. The insider explained, "Joseline was not even sleeping with Stevie at the time that she claims she got pregnant. She was sleeping with [NAME REDACTED]. He is a 60-something club owner. He invests in a number of the hot clubs in Hollywood. He loves Black women, and is known to NOT use condoms."

The insider continued, "If she is pregnant. And that's a big if. I'd bet it's that old [man 's] baby.