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MTO SHOCKER: Kim Kardashian Has Her DAUGHTER North West . . . Take An INAPPROPRIATE PIC Of Her!! (Is She Being . . . A BAD MOM???)

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Kim Kardashian asked her daughter North to take a TOPLESS picture of her, and post in on social media.

The star, who we all know loves to strip naked, uploaded a topless image of herself along with the caption "by north" and of course, sent the internet into a frenzy.

At this point, I don't think Kim Kardashian cares much about whether the attention she gets is good or bad - she just wants it all.

North is her daughter, so it's highly probable that she has seen her mother naked plenty of times. It's completely natural. But getting your child to take a sexy selfie of you with your top off to upload to social media is pushing it.

"uh oh. Don't do this, Kim. This is an innocent picture, but not when shared online. There are some sickos out there probably turned on that your daughter took this Terry Richardson-esque shot. Just be careful, Kim."

"Kim Kardashian posted a picture taking off her bra taken by her less than 5 year old daughter North. I don't know what's more disturbing the fact that she let her take the pic or the fact that people are justifying it"

"Not sure getting your daughter to take a picture of your breasts, to then post on social media is the best role modelling but each to their own."

Some followers did jump to Kim's defense, but for Kim stans, their fearless and semi-naked leader can do no wrong.

Take a look at the snap. Is she crossing the line here?

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