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MTO SHOCKER: Khloe's A Homewrecker . . . Her New Boyfriend TRISTAN THOMSON Has A BABY ON THE WAY . . . By The Woman She STOLE HIM FROM!!! (PICS)

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Last week, told you guys that Khloe Kardashian STOLE her new man Tristan Thompson away from his girlfriend Jordy. Well we can now CONFIM that Jordy is pregnant - with Tristan's baby.

You see Tristan and Jody were together as late as last month, and the two were living together - and planning on raising a family together.

That was, until Khloe and the KAMERAS showed up, and Tristan DUMPED Jordy for the KARDASHIAN FAME.

Right now, Jordy is doing the best she can under the circumstances, and preparing to get whatever legal compensation that her and her Tristan's baby are entitled.