MTO SHOCKER: Keaton Jones FATHER A TATTOO'D Up . . . White Supremacist NAZI . . . Whose Been In And Out Of PRISON!!! (Pics Of His NAZI Father)


Know Keaton Jones? The boy whose mother put him online, talking about bullying?

Social media pages belonging to Keaton Jones' father show that he's a WHITE SUPREMACIST NAZI - at least in 2014 when he last posted. He hasn't posted online more recently because he's locked up in a Tennessee jail.

The father's name is Shawn White and his Facebook features multiple memes with sayings like, "HOLY F*** I LOVE BEING WHITE," "Keep Calm and be White Pride" and "Aryan Pride."

According to TMZ - and the below pics - he has a bunch of NAZI tattoos:

Shawn [is pictured] shirtless with "PURE BREED" tatted on his chest ... and "WHITE PRIDE" on his stomach.

He also has neck ink that reads, "CWB" -- a common abbreviation for a gang called Crazy White Boy.

You'll recall that Keaton's mother claims that she's NOT racist. And that the Confederate flags she posted online- were just "ironic."