MTO SHOCKER: Jay Z Is Blasted By The Family Civil Liberties Union . . . Over His Treatment . . . Of His ALLEGED JUMPOFF CHILD!!! (Jay Is Accused Of 'CHILD NEGLECT')


Jay Z is coming under FIRE from a group called the Family Civil Liberties Union - a non-profit whose goal is to "unify families through the use of fair and standard equal practices in our family court system."

Jay Z has been accused of being a DEADBEAT father to a man claiming to be Jay's son, Satterthwaite. The group gave a SCATHING statement to RADAR ONLINE, accusing Jigga of "neglecting" his alleged son.

“It very good to hear that Jay-Z and Beyonce’s twins made it home safely and that the new parents are able to spend the entire summer recuperating with their new family,” FCLU spokesperson Dr. Sharon McClain said.

“However, there is still a person suffering emotionally by their actions of non-cooperation which affects other families at large. Just imagine, a young boy like Jay-Z growing without his father, and the effects it can have on the community and one’s self-image.”

“We at FCLU are baffled by how the two of them can carry out their lives while neglecting his alleged son,” McClain added in the statement. “They are supposed to be role models in our community.”

“FCLU prides itself in empowering families to be a strong unit and our community. So, we won’t tolerate actions that undermine one’s legal rights to the truth.”

“We will continue to help Rymir and young men like him who may have had unjust and unwarranted actions towards them by our legal system and we will not stop until justice is served.”