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MTO SHOCKER: Instagram Model Reportedly Has 5 POUNDS Of 'STUFF' Injected Into EACH BUTT CHEEK!! (What The HECK??)

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We’ve all seen butt augmentation before – but this is CRAZY.

A model that goes by the name Ms. Miami is showing off her “new and improved” assets. Ms. Miami, whose real name is Courtney Barnes reportedly has a 59-inch booty!

What's crazy is, Ms. Miami is no dummy! The Instagram model is reportedly a college graduate with an economics degree. As well as her social media postings, she earns her money as a cam girl, party host and as a brand ambassador.

In the quest of achieving the perfect posterior, the model almost lost her life.

"These are very dangerous products that are being injected. I don’t know for sure what they injected me with. But when I got it, she said it was like some hydrogel, some kind of silicone that they normally put in gummy bear implants. You don’t know how your body is going to react. It is still something foreign that’s in your body. It’s a gamble. A close friend of mine got it removed, and she ended up having to have blood transfusions, and she was in the hospital for months. It was a nightmare for her."

Fortunately, she is still with us and is using her economics degree to good use - ensuring that she receives a good return on her assets.

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A model that goes by the name Ms Miami is showing off her "new and improved" assets.

According to some on social media, she had up to 5 POUNDS of stuff injected into each cheek.

What do you think? Does Ms. Miami look good or does she have way too much junk in her trunk?

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Here is a link to the video of her showing her ASSETS