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MTO SHOCKER: High School Teacher In TROUBLE . . . After A Video Surface Of Her . . . Showing Her TATAS In The Faculty Break Room!! (VIDEO)

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A high school teacher is reportedly under investigation – for inappropriately flashing her breasts on camera – while in the faculty break room.
This is the latest in a series of scandals involving young and attractive female teachers.

Last year, a teacher from Oklahoma was arrested after she showed her vagina to students while performing a cartwheel “with no undergarments on.” Lacey Sponsler, a former substitute teacher at the Pawhuska Junior High School, pleaded guilty to a felony assault or the crime which was caught on camera by a student who filmed it on his cellphone. The charges were later dropped.

The same year, a Duval County teacher was suspended after allegedly allowing female students to flash their breasts and twerk in his classroom. The students were 7th graders. The events took place after the class returned from a field trip and he put a movie on and told them they could "work or talk with friends" as he worked quietly at his desk. A game of truth of dare then ensued, and things got very appropriate very quickly. The teacher claimed that he was unaware of what was going on in his classroom.

It's shocking in this day of such advanced technology that teachers would take such huge risks. The internet lives forever. It's not difficult to record live streams or even just to take a screenshot.

How thoroughly do the county's vet potential teachers and other employees who work in close proximity with children? Things like this happen far too frequently.

Watch the video below of the inappropriate teacher. We hope she never teaches again!

Here is the link to the video