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MTO SHOCKER: Gang Members From Holland STAB Man . . . Then Livestream It On SOCIAL MEDIA!! (Does Trump Want THESE THUGS As Immigrants???)


Two weeks ago, Donald Trump bragged about how nice, and PEACEFUL people from Holland were – and asked why the United States didn’t have more people from HOLLAND as immigrants.

Well, Trump must not know the GANG VIOLENCE problem in the Netherlands.

In the SHOCKING video below (which last a little over a minute and a half) group men can be seen gathering outside the venue watching the fight break out inside the building. Halfway through the video, it switches to a close-up recording of the brawl inside the restaurant, displaying a group of young men punching and kicking each other. During the commotion, one of the men was stabbed, and the camera zeroes in on a HUGE pool of blood on the floor.

A man is then seen looking into the camera - yelling something in Dutch, obviously thrilled with his crew's handiwork. The winners of the fight celebrate their victory, walking through the pool of blood and even taking PICTURES of it - probably to upload to their Instagram feed? GROSS!

According to a confidential reported cited by Dutch News, that official figures do not reflect the real volume of crime in the Netherlands and that millions of crimes go unreported. Many of the country's residents are unwilling to come forward and report crimes.

Holland may not be known for such crimes but these brutal, gang-related, anti-social behaviors are commonplace.

The President needs to go back to the drawing board on this one. We do not need any more gang violence here in the United States!