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MTO SHOCK REPORT: Fans Are Suggesting . . . That TYGA Is Kylie Jenner’s REAL BABYS FATHER!!! (Side-By-Side Pics Of Stormi And TYGA)

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Over the weekend Kylie Jenner shared a new picture of daughter Stormi Webster. Stormi’s father is Travis Scott, but that hasn’t stopped fans from suggesting an OVER-THE-TOP alternate theory of paternity.

Almost IMMEDIATELY after the pics were released, Kylie’s fans began suggesting on social media that ex-boyfriend Tyga is the baby’s father and NOT her current boyfriend, Travis Scott…

Here are some of the comments.

“*Looks at how bright Stormi is*
*Looks at Travis Scott’s complexion*
*Looks at Stormi to check her ears and notices they’re covered*
*Looks at Tyga’s complexion*
*sips tea in black proverb* ”

“That ain’t no Stormi Webster. That is Stormi STEVENSON. Bye Kylie 👋🏽😂 You not fooling us. She cute tho 😍💕 #KylieJenner #TravisScott (i guess) #Tyga 😏”

“Dear Kylie, This baby LOOKS LIKE TYGA. Sincerely, Everyone”

“aint no prolly girl that baby name is Tyga Jenner they call her Stormi cause its gone be a mf HURRICANE when travis find out”

“Ah, stormi looks like she is alittle asian. You need to get to the bottom of that sh*t. For real.”

“Omg Stormi is beautiful but she absolutely and totally looks like Tyga y’all”

Well, we’re pretty sure that Travis IS STORMI’S dad, but for some reason much of the world thinks that Stormi might belong to Tyga.

Baby’s looks change all the time, so it may still be a little early to tell. In the past, Tyga has indicated that he would be getting a DNA test done but has not mentioned anything recently.

This could get messy. Somebody call Maury!