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MTO SHOCKER: Drake Caught On Camera . . . And He Appears To Be FLIRTING . . . With Steph Curry's Wife AYESHA!!! (Drake's A SAVAGE)

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Drake and NBA star Steph Curry are close friends - Steph even plays ball at Drake's house when he's in Los Angeles.

Well yesterday Ayesha Curry was out doing promo for her new book, and guess who showed up - DRAKE. The two exchanged pleasantries, but to us, it appeared that Drake was doing a bit of FLIRTING.

Remember Drake is KNOWN for stealing his homies' girls. He got into a DUST UP with Lil Wayne, after he slept with Weezy's girl when he was in jail. And y'all KNOW what happened between him and former friends Chris Brown and Meek Mill.

Check out the way they're looking at each other. It almost seems that Ayesha is looking like she's ready to RISK IT ALL . . .

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