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MTO SHOCKER: DISTURBING Video Goes Viral . . . Showing Woman . .. S*XUALLY ASSAULT Her Sleeping 'Friend'!!! (Does #MeToo Apply . . . To LESBIANS??)


A disturbing video has gone viral – which shows a sleeping woman being s*xually violated by one of her friends. The video, which we understand has been taken to THE POLICE –first shows a woman sticking her fingers in the sleeping lady's nose.

She then proceeds to stick her fingers IN HER BODY – and then shove them in her sleeping friend’s mouth. Asif that wasn't bad enough, she then heads to the kitchen, grabs a dog treat before returning and placing it in her mouth.Showing no remorse, she remarks "she gotta wake up, bruh!"

The sleeping woman is UNAWARE of what is happening – and therefore UNABLE TO CONSENT to the assault. It’s not clear whether the victim is EVEN AWARE that she was assaulted, but she will be caught fully up to speed once this video continues to do the rounds online.

Why somebody would record themselves committing such a heinous act and then have the audacity to post the video online is beyond us. The attacker must really want to go to jail, and thanks to her stupidity that's where she'll probably end up and be labeled a sex offender for the rest of her life!

This is not the first video of its kind to go viral, and we're sure it will not be the last. Social media really has some people feeling themselves and even posting live streams of rapes and other horrific attacks, for a few likes and shares and a slew of assinine comments? Not worth it.

Here is the link to the video