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MTO CONSPIRACY THEORY: Dave Chapelle's 'FIRST COUSIN' Just Gave An Interview . . . And She Claims That The DAVE CHAPELLE We See Now . . . Is REALLY A CLONE!! (Do You BELIEVE THIS??)

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Remember back in the 200s when Dave Chapelle disappeared and left his show. Well a woman claiming to be his cousin is claiming that during that period, Dave was "cloned." Watch for yourself:

Here are the CLIFFNOTES for anyone who does NOT wish to view the video:

She is his first cousin whom he was very close to. They grew up together and stayed close even through his career when they would keep in touch by phone and she would come to his shows, at times, and see him backstage.

He was happy with his hit show.

He had only signed his name for one season and then signed again for the next season but then there was an issue.

He had a meeting with top executives who sat in a clocklike formation at the table with him being at the number 12 spot or head of the table.

The executives wanted to keep making the show but did not like the way that he was portraying black people with the black crackhead character and ignorant portrayals.

They wanted him to sign the contract but stop making blacks look ignorant and start to put them in a more intelligent light. He told them that he made fun of both blacks and whites equally and wouldn't be changing anything. They didn't like this and made threats to him. He left very afraid as they scared him and told him the public would think he was a crackhead like the character he portrayed in his show.

He called this cousin and told her that he was shaken and would be going to Africa where there were other Muslims like him but didn't know him. She agreed and he told her that he would call his wife later but he had to get out now. She told him to do what he had to do but to call her when he got back.

He came back and called her up and told her he was done with tv and would only be doing standup. He also told her that Oprah wanted him on her show. She suggested that he not go and stop dealing with those people all together but he wanted to go on tv for the last times to expose what these people were doing to comedians and actors to make them seem crazy.

He went on the Oprah show and was very afraid even on the show. He was looking behind him and felt like she was trying to get him to admit things that weren't true. She tried to make it seem that he was stressed and place all blame on him. He was afraid leaving there and watched to be sure he wasn't followed.

Soon the executives were calling him again and wanting to meet up with him again. He called and told her this but she warned him not to go. She asked him if he signed his name in blood and he told her no that he hadn't. They wanted him to join them and to sign but he hadn't at this point. He said that he thought this time that they had it together that he wasn't going to change anything and that he was only going to do the show if he could do it his way. But at this time a dark group was planning for the ushering in of a black president and did not want negative imagery of black people on his show ruining their plans. His cousin told him to be sure to call her when he got done to let her know the outcome and to this day she has never heard from him again.


She believes that he was taken underground where he was shown something that he was very afraid of. He was replicated and then killed . . .