MTO SHOCKER: Ciara's New WEDDING BANDS . . . And Wedding BRACELET . . . Match FUTURE'S JEWELRY!!! (Chile - She Ain't OVER HIM)


We thought that Ciara was FINALLY over Future, now that she's married to the ULTRA-HANDSOME and ULTRA-SUCCESSFUL Russell Wilson. But now we're having SECOND THOUGHTS.

A top secret snitch inside Future's camp told us that Ciara's wedding jerwelry looks EXACTLY like the jewelry that she gave Future.

The insider told, "Ciara bought [Future] a diamond tennis bracelet and two diamond rings. The rings that she bought Future look EXACTLY like Ciara's wedding rings. I'm not joking, look at the pics, they are EXACTLY THE SAME."

We did look at the pics, and our snitch was right, look at Future's fingers - it looks like he's wearing Ciara's wedding rings.


The insider also gave us another juicy bit of information. "Future still wears his rings and the bracelet. Ciara had to know what she was doing. Either she's being petty and sending him a message, or she's still in love with [Future]."

We're not sure what to make of this. It could just be a coincidence . . . but we DOUBT IT!!