MTO SHOCKER: Chris Bosh's MOTHER Spoke On The RADIO . . . Claims Her $100M NBA Son EVICTED HER From House . . . Did Mama Have To 'TRAP TO SURVIVE'!!!!


Chris Bosh's mother Freida Bosh gave an interview this morning - and she dropped the TEA ON HER SON. And it sounds like her son Chris Bosh is VERY UNGRATEFUL towards his mother.

Freida gave an interview on DeDe in The Morning on K104 Dallas. And the interview was HEART WRENCHING.

In it, Freida Bosh told DeDe that she and Chris haven't spoken in six years, and that she's seen NONE of her grandkids he has with wife Adrienne.

Freida also claims that Chris evicted her out of the house.

Frieda suggested that she had to DO WHAT SHE HAD TO DO to get money to survive. She did not specifically admit to trapping.

Chris Bosh's mother was named as a drug trafficking suspect in Dallas, Texas.