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MTO SHOCKER: Chicago Police HACK Into Man’s CELL PHONE . . . Leave Message . . . On His FACEBOOK PAGE!!!


A Chicago police officer reportedly HACKED into a man’s cell phone – and into his Facebook account.
The man who was HACKED is a Chicago man named Rashad Coleman. An officer found Rashad’s cell phone on the ground- after the officer allegedly chased Rashad.

But instead of getting a WARRANT – or asking a court for access to Rashad’s PRIVATE PHONE – the officer decided to take matters into his own hands.

The post on Facebook has received almost 17k shares as of this morning and just as many likes.

Here are some of the comments left on his post:

” But did you catch him though 🏃”

“Struggling to figure out if this is an awesome joke, or an epic fail. Ruining my whole day”

“Get a new phone and change your passwords lmao”

“See it’s either f*ck the police or some other smart ass remark but if he would’ve shot him for resisting regardless of how petty the charge it’d be world news. The cop is responsible by just making a post even if he’s slow asf and couldn’t catch him 😂”

“when you work at lego land but the streets keep calling.”

“Rashad… they found your stolen phone. The one taken from you an hour earlier. Now they can return it to you. DENY DENY DENY”

Look . . . WTF!!