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MTO SHOCKER: Bruno Mars Is ‘PERMING HIS HAIR’ . . . We Got CHILDHOOD Pics . . . Showing His ‘REAL’ Hair Texture!!!


Bruno Mars came under fire recently – for stealing or appropriating Black culture.Now new allegations are being hurled at him.
According to MULTIPLE social media posters, Bruno has been “perming his hair” for years. The curly afro look – was done to give him “stage presence.”

Yeah, we got proof.

This comes just a day after the debate about whether or not Mars is guilty of appropriating Black culture.

But his fans are having none of it. Accusing people of being “fake woke” and wondering why it’s taken this long to begin pointing the finger and the Grammy award-winning performer.

“This Bruno Mars cultural appropriation things is dope and all… But these are the same people who don’t support Black R&B talent.. So… It’s quiet.”

“Some of you fake woke people need to know the difference between appropriation and appreciation and leave bruno mars alone”

“Disclaimer: I really don’t give a f*ck about Bruno Mars or his mediocre music. What I WILL say though is that the goalposts on this appropriation argument sure do change when you guys like someone…”

“Hold on, we waited three albums, three world tours and how many Grammy performances to accuse Bruno Mars for cultural appropriation? ”

“Y’all deadass come after Bruno Mars for cultural appropriation when Lil Pump & Tekashi 69 still dropping the n word like nobodies business smfh I’m disgusted”

Do you think that Mars is appropriating Black culture? Is he perming his hair?

Have a look at his baby picture by clicking the link below.

Here is a link to his baby pic – CLEARLY he has straight air naturally