MTO SHOCKER: Beautiful Houston Judge Is An ALLEGED THOT . . . Her Ex Husband And SIDE N*GGA Are Snitching On Her!! (Drugs And Prostitution!! (She May Ne IMPEACHED)


A popular and beautiful Houston judge named Hilary H. Green, Justice of the Peace for Precinct 7 - is coming under fire, from allegations by her estranged husband and alleged side n*gga. The two have teamed up, and are trying to get her kicked off the bench by snitching:

Here's how it is being described locally:

Some of the allegations against Justice of the Peace Hilary Green, left, were made by her husband, former City Controller Ronald Green, as part of their divorce proceedings.

According to court documents earlier this year, Green’s former boyfriend claimed Green obtained drugs from her courtroom bailiff, and stated the two used code words in their text messages, including "nuts and bolts" to describe Tussionex, "cookie dough" to describe cocaine and "Skittles" to describe Ecstasy.

"She does not have a substance abuse problem, and the commission isn't alleging that she does. These allegations are stemming from somebody who is vowing to destroy her and her career, and it's more than four years ago for the most recent allegation, and it stretches seven or eight years," said Babcock in a May interview when the allegations surfaced.

According to documents, in a sworn affidavit, Green’s former boyfriend claims he and Green used the website to hire prostitutes on two occasions.

He stated Green paid a woman in Houston $150 for sexual services and also hired a prostitute in Austin and paid her $200.

Babcock said those allegations are false and plans to argue that Green can’t be removed from office because the alleged incidents occurred before November 2016, which is when she was re-elected to office.