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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Baby Mama BRUTALLY Assaults The ALLEGED Side Chick . . . On LIVESTREAM . . . 'Side Chick' Now Has AMNESIA!! (Baby Mama's ON THE RUN)


A New Jersey woman is wanted for ASSAULT and BATTERY – after video of her assaulting a woman who she claims is the “side chick” made its rounds on social media.

The woman can be seen dragging the "side chick" to the ground (who is considerably smaller than her) before punching her kicking her. She kicks her so viciously that the victim of the assault appears to lose consciousness for a few seconds - but this does not stop her attackers who continues to punch and kick her in the face, as she lays motionless in the middle of the concrete floor.

She is then seen warning her victim to stay away from her baby father, before telling the cameraperson to show him the video - an apparent warning to him too.

According to local media, the alleged side chick suffered a SERIOUS concussion and memory loss as a result of the attack. And the “memory loss” is what’s making it difficult for the police to track down the assailant.

But this video should prove to be useful in the case against the brutal baby mama, which shows her face and a full body view at the beginning of the clip. There's no doubt that the New Jersey Police will be calling soon. It was a dumb move recording the attack in the first place, let alone releasing it to the public.

We wonder whether she returned home and gave her baby daddy the same brutal treatment?

The video, as you can see below, shows the vicious attack.