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MTO SHOCKER: Atlanta Male STRIPPER . . . Turned CULT LEADER . . . Gets A Bunch Of Black Women 'Followers'. . . LOCKED UP In Costa Rican JAIL!!

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An Atlanta STRIPPER turned cult leader - has got his followers LOCKED UP in jail in Costa Rica.

The cult leader is named Eligio Bishop - he's a former model, stripper, prostitute and barber. But three years ago he became "conscious" and recruited a bunch of WOMEN to follow him into the jungles of Puerto Rico (some followed him too).

Of course - what made most of the women go was the "D*C'K". According to reports, Eligio is very TALENTED at lovemaking, and he got all those women straight up D*CKMATIZED.

His exact location in the Costa Rican jungle is unknown, and neither is the number of followers living with him. But we know that travelers from Canada or the United States can enter Costa Rica without a visa for 90 days. After that, they must apply for a temporary resident permit.

It appears that Eligio was doing some FUNNY BUSINESS with the paperwork and got everyone LOCKED UP.

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Look at some of his videos: