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MTO SHOCKER: Another SEXTAPE Leaked . . . Donna From BLACK INK . . . Was Caught Allegedly . . . Getting SMUTTED Out In Public Bathroom!!!

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Yesterday both the Blac Chyna sex tape leaked as well as a sex tape Donna Lombardi from Black Ink.

A video was leaked last yesterday that purports to show Donna Lombardi a tattoo artist on the Vh1 show Black Ink Crew in a bathroom stall having sex with her co-star Alex aka the v*gina Slayer. This led to Donna trending on Twitter for most of Monday.

Donna can be seen leaning against a wall in a bathroom stall while Alex is behind her, hitting it from the back while casually rolling up a blunt. Somebody is leaning over the stall recording the pair. Alex appears to know that he is being recorded, it is not clear whether Donna knew that she was being filmed.

For viewers of Black Ink, this won't come as too big of a shock. Donna has taken down several of her co-stars and wears her conquests like a badge of honor. To date, she's smashed Ted, O'Sh*t, Walter, former cast member Dutchess and new receptionist, Jadah.

It's Donna's body; she can do what she wants with it. But why give it up to a guy who cannot even afford to pay $10 to the courts for his probation. We like Donna, but we wished that she'd make better decisions with her life.

Up until NOW, Donna had been in a relationship with a guy named Mo, whom she introduced on this season of Black Ink.

So when we saw the alleged video of her and Alex was leaked – we were shocked, to say the least.

We can't publish the tape - but here is a link to her hashtags on social media

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